Hi and welcome! We are Rick and Lian. We're a couple living in the Netherlands and in 2020 we’ve created t-shirt brand STAD. STAD means city in Dutch, as we create effortless city wear - or as we like to call it "STAD wear"!

Vintage style
As an influencer I (Lian) get tons of questions regarding the clothes I wear. Especially printed shirts. I often have to disappoint and say they’re vintage, and not available for purchase anymore. Now people can go to their local vintage store, but finding a vintage shirt in your style, size and in good condition is hard. And not everyone likes to buy second hand, which is totally understandable. So I decided to create my own brand of vintage style shirts!
Next to focussing on style and fit, it was really important for us to create a sustainable brand. Rick and I travelled through Asia and Australia for 3 years and through this journey our love for the planet really grew. We love the energy of the city, but there’s something magical about the calming and grounding power of nature. Something everyone should be able to experience, today and for years to come.
So how are we sustainable?
  • Our t-shirts are made of certified 100% organic cotton
  • Our designs are printed with water based ink, instead of plastic-based ink
  • Our shirts are made in 5 factories in Bangladesh, which are monitored by the Fair Wear Foundation; a nonprofit organisation focussing on improving workers conditions in the textile industry
  • Our packaging is made of at least 50% recycled plastic and is 100% biodegradable
  • For every order we plant a tree
  • For further details, please visit our FAQ page
    Our collection consists of classic pieces that we’ll continue to restock. Next to that we’ll drop limited collections every few months with limited stock. We want you to be unique. I personally hate it when I’ve bought a cool new item and then the next day see someone else wear the same. Which often happens in the world of fast fashion.
    We also keep our collection small and exclusive because we don’t want people to overconsume. We’d rather have you buy quality, ethically made pieces every few months that you can mix and match throughout the years. That’s what my personal style is all about and why you always see the same items on my Instagram, worn in different ways.
    Contact us
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    Now go and have a look for yourself! We hope you’ll love STAD as much a we love creating it!
    Love, Rick & Lian.